Thursday, September 3, 2009

Show Time

Spring not only heralds new life but also the dawn of the season for wine competitions, festivals and auctions. The winelands literally comes alive. This weekend I will be heading off to two festivals. On Friday night it is the Durbanville Boutique Wine Growers Associations (DBWGA)White Red and Blues Festival. Good food, good wine and fine blues music. Boutique Wineries are close to my heart and this is an occasion I just can't miss. The DBWGA is a relatively new organization, that brings the boutique wine growers/makers/vignerons of Durbanville together. Each one has a story to tell that is more interesting than the next, but what really makes their wines special is the love, passion, and hard work that goes into each bottle. The popularity and scarcity of the wines produced by this band of winemakers is evident in the fact the the event is completely booked out!

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