Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bloe men who?

Wet and miserable. A typical Cape winters day. Where to for lunch? Somewhere not too far, with that comforting toasted marshmallow atmosphere a fire place lends to a venue, somewhere you can get a good bottle of Claret. So of to Bloemendal we went.

The Durbanville Wine Route is one of those hidden underutilized treasures on our doorstep. In just a few minutes you escape from the hum drum of a dull N7 and discover a world that moves at a slower pace. Think green valleys, rolling vineyards, and winding roads. And so it was that we arrived at Bloemendal. Wine Magazine runs a regular Cellar Door Shoot Out, pitting two cellar door experiences against each other with one coming out on top. My advise to them would be to drop any plans of having Bloemendal as part of a lineup. Having to sit at a bar counter in the restaurant listing to Karaoke is not my idea of a great wine experience. The place had two huge fireplaces and not one was lit! Talk about missing an opportunity. Bloemendal as a winery has a long proud family tradition, however this all changed a while back when the farm was bought for a hefty sum by Tokyo I am a Billionaire But Still Disadvantaged Sexwale. As a result wine making has come to a standstill and this is reflected in the choice of wine for tasting. Just a handful of wines and most sadly past their best. Don't bother asking any questions as I don't think the young counter hand could tell a white from a red. Honestly! To add insult to injury you have to pay a tasting fee...

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