Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mutterings of a Virgin Blogger

Another Wine Blog? No. More of a lifestyle blog focusing on wine lifestyle. Wine, food and a little bit of travel. I will try and keep the jargon to a minimum, no fancy French tongue twisting words...The Travelling Vineyard will bring you the wines, the winemakers, the personalities and the stories behind the wines.

I will be focusing on wines that leave a mark. No Average Nederburg or Chateau Collapso. But rather hidden gems, smaller producers that make wines with love and passion and that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Life is too short to drink wine without soul or character. I love nothing more than hitting the road and discovering wines and the people behind the wine. Hence the Travelling Vineyard.


  1. Dear Dionysus, what a great site! As you know I am in no way an intellectual wine boff, I never spit, I always swallow and I seldom sip, but I gulp! I am however a lover of good food and wine. Your reviews were both informative and interesting and you have left me wanting more! All the best to you as you discover the undiscovered... much love from me

  2. Hoesit Dionysus, where would us Brooklyn people get cheap wine? I found lekker wyn in the Robertson main road at the Klipdrift factory.... Brandewyn they called it!!

    This is a great site and I will learn alot from your insight. I can see you is a man of many talents.

    Looking forward to where you will be taking us in the near future.

    Stay cool my bru,

    Wyn kop