Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life is like a bottle of Wine. You never know what you going to get.

Enjoying the fine Cape winter weather meant a good braai, good wine and good friends. What to drink?...having enjoyed my fair share of Cape reds I opted for Springfield Method Ancienne Chardonnay 2006 at R149 per bottle from the farm and at totally the other end of the price spectrum Koelenhof Sauvignon Blanc 2008 at R 24 per bottle. I felt the Springfield was indulgent so to ease my financial guilt in these hard pressed times I opted for the value busting Koelenhof.

What of the two wines...Lets start with the Koelenhof Sauvignon Blanc. If you haven't heard by now these guys are the raining 2009 Wine Mag Best Value Champions. And its easy to taste why. The wine has a beautiful crystal clear colour, no show pony stuff this. Don't worry about smelling and sniffing and all that pompous crap, this is a wine maid to be enjoyed en mass, at R25 a bottle you can afford a few cases. It has a nice racy acidic finish and is a great match for braaied snoek. The packaging may not be great, but heck who cares at this price and quality. Try the rest of the wines in the range, they have just walked off with a host of awards for their Red wines. The winery is just off the N1 on the R45 as you head towards Stellenbosch. You can't miss it.

No for the Springfield Method Ancienne Chardonnay. If you want 5 star Platter wines, Double gold winners, No Body Cares Award Winners, Springfield won't be for you. These are wines made with true passion, not wines made to impress at shows and in sighted wine guides. This is a family run business and any trip to Robertson should include a stopover to meet the friendly Bruwer's of Springfield Estate. The Chardonnay was a beautiful golden colour in the glass, not from over oaking I may add. The wine was shy on the nose but there was a hint of what was to come... I remember my sister face when we first tasted this wine a couple of months back...what she said can't be repeated, but to say this wine is a thing of beauty would be an understatement. A soft creamy mouth feel, loads of fruit, nice long finish, silky, smooth and oh so sexy.

Needles to say the rest of the afternoon was like a moment spent in the clouds: good food, good wine, friends and couldn't be better.

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  1. Dear Dionysus, the Chardonnay was everything you said it would be, and more!